Thursday, December 30, 2010

What people search for

Without the internet, how would I have learnt how to (last week) patch a pair of jeans, or how to (this week) open fresh oysters? With the internet, all knowledge is at my fingertips. I never cease to be amazed.

Here in France, when I start entering the phrase "How to" in Google, the first suggestions that are coming up today are:
- how to make it in America
- how to train your dragon
Normally, if I remember correctly, in the US the first suggestions are:
-how to make love
-how to tie a tie

Curious, I entered the French analog, "Comment", in Google. First suggestions:
-how to make love,
-how does it work,
-how to write a vita,
-how to become rich.

I guess that the French know how to tie a tie.


  1. If you type "how to" (in Hebrew) to Google Israel you get:

    How to write a resume
    How I met your mother
    How is a song born
    How to make rice
    how to tie a tie
    How to prepare hoummous
    How to say in English
    How to be happy
    Hot to please a woman

    This is odd, because no one in Israel wears ties.

  2. The next three in French after "how to become rich":
    -how to lose weight
    -how to gain weight
    -how to flirt


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