Monday, April 4, 2011

Fukushima update

The news of the weekend: "Radiation below legal limits found in farm, sea products near Fukushima". When one makes news of the fact that the radiation is within legal limits, the situation is dire.

Water, fire hoses, sandbags, shredded newspapers: the efforts of the best nuclear engineers are surprisingly amateurish. What happened to robots and modern sophistication? Is our modern technology yet so far from being useful in a non-lab environment? I should have known, after seeing our little robot dogs awkwardly playing soccer in the CS department at the wee hours of the morning, but somehow I was deluded into thinking that technology had better answers than the dismal response that we are now witnessing. Getting robots to work in an averse environment is still largely in the domain of research, I guess.

Meanwhile I found a list of Theory researchers in Japan. It dates from 2008, but might still be useful. One is from Fukushima University. I wonder if he'd be interested in visiting some host laboratory for a while, or some students of his. I can't do it, but maybe someone else will.

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