Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Going to FOCS - to-do stuff by Sept 22/29.

Marek Chrobak sent me the following message: "FOCS'11 registration is now open, at http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~marek/FOCS11/. If you could mention this at your blog, we would appreciate it. In particular, you may want to mention the tutorials, generous student support, and the Piore award talk."

Early registration deadline is September 29.

Piore award: Shafi Goldwasser, for her crypto/complexity work.

Cynthia Dwork will talk about crypto: The Promise of Differential Privacy.
Vinod Vaikuntanathan will talk about crypto: Computing Blindfolded: New Developments in Fully Homomorphic Encryption.
Kirk Pruhs will talk about energy: Green Computing Algorithmics.

Generous student support: there will be a total of nearly $22,000 to support travel and student registration for FOCS 2011. Apply by September 22.

I note that the hotel has splendid pictures of a billiard table and of a swimming pool. It has a list of things to do: golfing, shopping and art museums I don't think will be too popular with FOCS attendees, but the visits of wineries might appeal to some. Long-distance travelers could fly in on Thursday night to give themselves an extra day to deal with travel mishaps, recover from jet lag, prepare their talk, and get drunk.

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  1. This reminder would be more helpful if the registration page actually worked :)


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