Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bored on the bus

Yesterday on the bus I was bored. I got out my tablet and copied the titles of every ad lining the sides of the bus.

- Drug recovery study: subjects wanted. Earn up to $200 by completing the study.
- Project Restore helps parents get back on track. You must have a child support order to participate. "I really love my kids and want to take care of them, but right now I can't pay my child support."
- Need health insurance? necesita Seguro Medico?
- Problems with both alcohol and smoking?
- You wouldn't let your kids eat THIS much sugar, so, why do you let them drink it?
- Looking for a job?
- "Going to bat for you!" List of services: [...]
- Are you concerned about your drinking?
- Got questions? Get answers!
- pagaste para su viaje hoy con efectivo? e-fare 101
- Muchos cosas pueden suceder en un segundo - programa de prevencion de lesiones.
- Are you bothered by panic attacks, anxiety or worry? Brown university is looking for people for a study on anxiety.

What a selection. Just reading those ads is enough to make me slightly anxious!

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