Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fighting internet addiction

At my house, we are experimenting with a new rule to fight internet addiction: no internet connection between 10pm and 7am. It is very easy to implement since it's just a matter of switching a button. It has the immediate consequence that we get more sleep. It's a measure of how much we rely on the internet that it has taken some discussion and required an effort of will.

I suppose that that could be embedded in Verizon, Cox, and other internet service providers. They could give us an option to have a subscription that excludes nights and Sundays, for example.


  1. You write a script on your PC which connects to your router and disables the internet connection. The PC could execute it daily at 10pm.

    Then tell your kids that they need to write their own script to turn the internet back on at 7am.

  2. Thanks Nick for believing that I have the ability to do something like that!


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