Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Lecturing: introduction

I just read a document that I think can be interpreted via the lens of teaching. Instead of bits and pieces of observations about teaching, it gives a general framework. Here is the beginning of my attempt to cast it in that light.

Classes are an essential part of the student's education. We need to be effective lecturers. There are three elements coming together: the scientific content (the result or technique that we wish to teach), the teacher, and the students. Effective teaching requires us to know our students, so that we can communicate to them what they are ready to learn. If we are not in touch with our students' current level of understanding, what we say will not be heard. Our students' diverse level is a challenge. Many students have an intuitive understanding of problem-solving, but are unable to articulate it rigorously, and one of our tasks is to provide them with a vocabulary to express their concepts and refine them. When the students are presented with a scientific publication, usually it does not "talk to them". Our role is to be the mediator between the scientific content and the students, interpreting it so that it reaches another level of meaning for them.

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  1. If the document you read is not already "Remedying Shortcomings of Lecture-Based Physics Instruction Through Pen-Based, Wireless Computing And DyKnow Software Zdeslav Hrepic", maybe you could read it: I found it illuminating.


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