Thursday, July 7, 2011

Focs 2011 accepted papers...

I just looked at statistics about this blog.
This week, what is the most common keyword search leading to it?
"Focs 2011 accepted papers".


Here is a link to the FOCS web page that currently says that the list is "not yet available".
When the list is officially out, the link will take you to it.

Alternative title for this post:
How to disappoint your readers.


  1. it has been 6 days since the notification date !!

  2. Today is the deadline for authors of accepted papers to say who they are and what their paper is about. We wouldn't want to publish a list with the wrong titles or where the list of authors is at variance with the final version, would we?

  3. I am so disappointed!!!


    Honestly, I don't think a few wrong titles, affiliations, or even authors is so important for this list, as long as the final version is correct. The one special case is for merged papers.

    If the PC feels the need to request two papers to be merged, however, then both papers should probably be rejected -- their dual existence proves their unoriginality. ;)

  4. Wow, that _is_ disappointing, Claire.

  5. 6 days should still be enough for the authors to confirm whatever they have...after all they are focs authors

  6. Anons #2 and #3: good. I derive pleasure from the idea of someone looking up the post with expectations, only to be surprised and disappointed. That's the mean side of me!

    Anons #1 and #4: since those focs authors have made the cut, they no longer feel under any obligation to answer requests in a timely manner, so, extracting further information from all of them must be a real challenge, or so I imagine. But I will relay your concerns to higher authority.

  7. The post could have been titled SEO at work.

  8. The papers are out, but the link is still dead. It should be to .pdf not .html.

  9. Fixed. Thank you! Sorry about that. (I wish that, when we link to something, we got a warning, somehow, when the page we linked to became irrelevant.)


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