Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things about my work that I enjoy

I enjoy interacting with students.
I enjoy helping someone learn something new.
I enjoy learning something new.
I enjoy discovering something new.
I enjoy understanding something new.
I enjoy teaching a well-prepared lecture.
I enjoy seeing students become researchers.
I enjoy good writing.
I enjoy writing well (but it takes lots of effort).
I enjoy having an idea.
I enjoy discussing research.
I enjoy brainstorming.
I enjoy going to Israel.
I enjoy hearing Hebrew.
I enjoy people laughing at my jokes.
I enjoy compliments.
I enjoy the feeling of work well done (but that's rare).
I enjoy having caught up with email (but that's rare).
I enjoy exploring Dagstuhl.
I enjoy sunsets in Bertinoro.
I enjoy Ivy League architecture.
I enjoy wood-paneled classrooms.
I enjoy the smell of white board pens.
I enjoy hiking with colleagues.
I enjoy meeting academics who are not scientists.
I enjoy free coffee.
I enjoy the view from my office.
I enjoy the money and status.
I enjoy the freedom to define my work.
I enjoy the freedom to, occasionally, wake up without an alarm and go to work when I feel like it.
I enjoy being part of a field that is changing the world.
I enjoy having a paper accepted.


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