Sunday, December 25, 2011

Technology invasion

In the US, sometimes at Mass I see people quietly playing angry birds or scrabble on their iPhone during the homily. France I thought had been preserved until now. But at midnight Mass here in France, I saw a man texting on his phone immediately after receiving communion, while others were still standing in line for communion.

Are there no limits to that need to be constantly connected?

When are people not connected?

As far as I know, the shower might be the last refuge against the invasion of technology. I have yet to see a gadget to send email while showering.


  1. Our electrical engineer friends are working on that! (;

  2. Well.. I have Siri for that!

  3. The Android phone "Xperia Active" from Sony Ericsson is water proof up to 20mns. You are not supposed to press the keys while submerged, but it should be okay under the shower ;)

    I wonder if those who text in the church are the same who text while driving :/


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