Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year challenge: life as in the 20th century

As you read this, I am off the internet.
I have nothing with me that connects to the internet.
No laptop.
No iPhone.

I am disconnected. I challenge you to be able to do it for 24 hours!

What happens to your email correspondents when you disconnect?
Do disasters and catastrophic events suddenly start happening?
Does hell break loose?
Do you lose your job?

I will know in a few days, when I get back online.


  1. As a sabbath-observant Jew, I go offline for 25 hours once every week (even when there are paper deadlines the next day!). No, the world does not end. =)

  2. "Do you lose your job?"

    Not if you are a tenured professor.

  3. I try to not log on when I am on vacation or at a conference. My vacation program urges others to do the same.

    The onion once had a headline like

    Internet down for an hour: Productivity soars!

  4. I was in Chad for two weeks : no real Internet there (even at the main university,
    I was pointed out a cyber café but did not feel the need to try it).
    Did not miss it!

    I did talk a lot about the o3b project (12 satellites in low orbit to give connectivity to "the other 3 billions" as a condition for me to apply my pedagogical projects there...


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