Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Find the intruder

Today is the start of summer sales in Paris, and the stores have been busy preparing their displays.

Yesterday, walking in Paris I saw four perfectly shaped plastic mannequins displayed on the street just outside a store, facing away from me. Next to them was a large woman, also facing away from me. They had a similar attitude, almost a pose, as if all five of them were idly waiting. I took an imaginary picture of the scene with the camera of my mind, and gazed at it with interest, trying to come up with an appropriate caption: "Find the intruder", perhaps? "Life is not fair"?

Then the woman, who had been talking with another woman, turned around and they both looked at me. Embarrassed, I realized that they had caught me staring. Worse, I suddenly understood that they were prostitutes and might be wondering if I was interested in their services. I hastily withdrew into my best "I'm not really here" look and passed them without another glance.

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