Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel woes: how the mighty fall

Flying back from Montréal overnight with a red eye, then proceeding to bring a suitcase back to relatives, stopping on the way to rent a moving truck. Driving a truck, maneuvering carefully (with some trepidation), loading boxes and furniture, wondering if I am building muscles in my arms (pure fantasy), and being the object of admiration for my ability to function, impervious to jet lag and to the tiredness of travel. Superwoman! Feeling powerful and in control... until, late at night, one thought suddenly pops up: "What happened to the suitcase?!?" - It turns out that I forgot said suitcase on the train, obviously because of a default of attention due to jet lag. Suddenly life is once again out of control... Now I am back to experiencing SNCF lost-and-found offices. Oh, how the mighty fall!

MoraleLesson: after a red eye, take a day off.


  1. Ofcourse you mean Moral, but I admire your morale :) Take care

  2. Been there, done that! I once got on the wrong train at the Frankfurt airport. But I only realized it was the wrong train when it pulled back into the Frankfurt airport! I quickly got off so I could catch the next train in the right direction; a few minutes later, I realized that I'd left my suitcase on the train. Fortunately, the wrong train pulled into the airport AGAIN a few hours later, with my suitcase still on it.


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